Our History

OLMC WelcomeThe Catholic Church appointed a pastor to the western shore in 1794. A church was built in Prospect. Rev. Thomas Green was appointed the first pastor. The parish extended from Shelburne to Sherhrooke, Guysborough Co.; then cross country to Windsor on to Annapolis and back to Shelburne. It was the second parish established in the Dioceses and the largest of four parishes.

The people of Shad Bay went to church at Prospect. In 1915 a house was bought from Frank and Alice Woodling. An entrance and steeple were attached to the house, thus the first church was established in Shad Bay. This building is now known to us as the Villa.


A new church was erected in Shad Bay 1932 under the leadership of Rev. J.J. Lanigan. This church was named St Joseph. The church was located near the water in Shad Bay on a small piece of land. In I959 Rev. John Mahar had the church moved from the waterfront to the present site on the hill. This property was donated hy the Collier family In l968 the present rectory was built in Shad Bay, replacing the rectory that was located in Prospect. Rev. Ernest Sweeney made this project a reality.

In 1990 plans were begun for the expansion of St. ]oseph’s church, Shad Bay. It was a laborious task, with many meetings. In I991 approval was received from the Business and Finance Commission of the Archdiocese. Today we have a beautiful new expanded church. We give thanks to God for giving us the insight and the strength to build this church and we pray that in our new home we will give worthy praise to our God.DSC_0974


With the renovation of St. ]oseph's Church it has been possible to retain many of the beautiful features and art of the old Church. We were able to maintain the old windows. They were cleaned and releaded, thus they retain their original beauty. These windows were donated by the families ot Shad Bay and we are pleased to include them in the new building. The new window in the Eucharistic Chapel is the creation ot Randy Hester. This window depicts Christ calling the fishermen to be disciples. Shad Bay was a typical fishing village and thus the scene ot fishermen, boats and the Lord was a central part of the life of the pioneers of Shad Bay.



baptismal font










Our Baptismal Font is made of granite. Granite is the prominent rock found in our community. The flowing water represents the life giving water of Baptism. The symbols of the boat and the fish at the base of the font represent the pioneers of the village.


The stations nf the Cross were part of the old church and we proudly display them in the new church. The original altar rail is still located in the balcony and we are pleased with how well it blends with the decor.



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